Tourism: Ranking the Best Blogs

The blogging community has flourished in recent decades. This revolution has not spared the tourism sector, which now has more than a hundred thousand blogs, feeding a target audience (internet users) with tourist information. The blogs do not have the same strength or influence in terms of reference on the web. Read this article to see our ranking.

Top 3 best tourism blogs

The ranking here was based on data produced by Chrissandvoyage, a platform specialising in the travel industry. They used the Similarweb tool to assess the influence and feed production capabilities of each of the blogs. Based on this tool, we also integrated other evaluation criteria: the visibility of the blog, its influence score as well as its SEO referencing.

Bruno forme Votretourdumonde

Bruno Votretourdumond┬Če is the first blog that got more points in this ranking. It is a very popular site that has a special place in the hearts of its users, who show their attachment to it every day given its professionalism and the quality of its productions. It should be noted that this blog is very competitive with the first of the list.

Good Travel Plans New York

This blog is one of the best French blogs. It is a maestro in the world of travel and offers a very rich content in information to its subscribers. To be closer to its users, it has even developed an application and made several guides on travel to New York. Across the world, this blog manages to be admired by enough people

Pink Bird

Third in our ranking, pink bird, is a very popular blog. Its promoter Camille has been touring Asia and America and a few months and was able to put at the disposal of its users a package of information about the countries of Asia and America.