Guided tour: how to make it work

Every successful event has been well planned. Even less so in the field of tourism, where you need to show professionalism in order to enhance the potential of the premises and the works that are the subject of the tour to your target audience or visitors. How to prepare and conduct a guided tour? The answer is in this article.

The Preparation Stage

In order to get a good result from your visit, you must first make sure that you plan well. This is one of the fundamental elements that you need to get right in advance before the practical organisation of your visit. If you fail to do this, you will certainly not get the desired results from your visit. But to avoid getting to that point, here are some good practices to make your guided tour a success:
1. Define the objectives of the mission
It is important to know where you are going. You need to clearly define the motives of your mission. To do this, weigh up the questions why and for whom my mission will be carried out. Where and when and for how long? These are important concerns that you need to find answers to in the preparatory phase of your assignment.
2. Gather information
Documentation is a very important tool that will help you to deepen your knowledge of the subject of your mission. In any summer of causation, it is necessary for you to collect appropriate information on the themes, places, etc. of your visit.
3. Plan the course of your mission
Once you have coupled the information, you need to move on to the practical organisation of your visit. Draw up a detailed plan that will clearly state what to do, where, when, with whom and for how long.
4. Prepare the speech
This is a must. In order not to talk and bore people during your visit, you have an obligation to prepare a speech that will allow you to be short, clear and concise when you visit.

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